2007 Tiny Orange Tea (TOT) Ripe Puer Stuffed Xinhui Mandarin


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Currently all the rage in China, it’s difficult to find a shop that doesn’t carry puer stuffed Xinhui oranges, particularly the young green ones. The skin of these oranges alone is quite costly, not to mention the labour required empty, stuff and prepare each of these little guys.

While the oranges contribute significantly to this tea’s flavour, many others skimp out when it comes to the quality of shou puer used, but remember – it’s what’s on the inside that counts. This is why our Tiny Orange Tea (TOT) is made using higher than usual quality 2007 gong ting shou puer. This tea spent 10 years resting before being stuffed, with the result is a unique tart-sweet-smooth tea that can’t be achieved any other way.

While the full-grown oranges provide a sweeter, medicinal taste, the young green skins lend more tartness and even bitterness when brewed at higher strength. For this reason, we recommend experimenting with brewing methods and parameters. There are no hard and fast rules to brewing these, so try what feels right to you, and adjust to your taste.

A few tips:

Drop the whole orange in as-is. It will take longer to brew out the tea inside and the first few infusions will be lighter in terms of tea flavour, but will in turn last longer.

Optionally, you can cut a hole in the bottom of the orange, or poke a few around the orange as needed to let water flow through and release more of the tea’s flavour sooner.

To reduce the tartness from the orange, remove some of the peel before brewing to create a higher tea:orange ratio. Less peel = less tartness. Extra orange peel can always be saved and brewed with another ripe puer if you like.

With the proper teaware you can also cut a hold in the bottom of the orange or slits on the side and use it as a strainer of sorts, pouring water into the top of the orange and letting it slowly drip down, similar to using a coffee filter. See the “optional brewing method” tab above.

How you choose to brew these is ultimately up to you, but we hope that you enjoy experimenting and dialling in the method that works best for you.


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