Wanderlust 2024 Daheishan Raw Puer



Situated in the northwest area of Yibang, Daheishan is a unique micro-region for the area. This uninhabited and uncultivated land is difficult to access, however this means that the land is fairly wild and well-protected. Anyone who was lucky enough to get their hands on our ‘22 Like Night in the Forest, which comes from an even smaller area within Daheishan, will have some sense of what to expect.

With the highest altitude in Yibang, peaking at 2000m, and predominantly medium-leaf tress (much of Yibang is made up of small-leaf varietal), the tea from this region is quite unique and represents the often difficult to describe “wild” taste that can only be found in well a preserved forest environment.

In this case, there is a noticeable bitterness, which quickly dissolves to a honey sweetness and lasting huigan. The fragrance is embedded in the soup, not just enticing up front. As with any higher end tea, the texture and body create a full feeling in the mouth.

This tea checks all the boxes that a high-end offering should, and then some. Although it hardly falls into the “budget” category, there is a strong case to be made that it handily outperforms its price, even at nearly $1/gram. Needless to say, this is a tea that is thoroughly enjoyable now, but can also be expected to perform well with additional storage.

Region: Daheishan, Yibang, Xishuangbanna Prefecture
Picking Period: March 26-30

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