Your Ripeness 2014 Menghai Ripe Puer


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Feel like royalty without spending like royalty. This quality Menghai shou puer is a treat for any budget.

Like any good shou, it’s not about looking for complexity or a wide range of flavours, but about hitting the mark where it counts. That is where this tea delivers, exhibiting the right balance of smooth character with a sweet, stone-fruit sweetness. An unusual thick texture can be felt in the mouth, along with a mild rice-like flavour

Made from material originally piled in 2014, this tea has had ample time to air out, giving it an exceptionally clean taste and bright liquor, with no noticeable pile flavour.


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2 reviews for Your Ripeness 2014 Menghai Ripe Puer

  1. 4 out of 5

    Sara (verified owner)

    An easy-to-drink shou, with a very clean flavor (not even a hint of piling flavor) and lighter-colored liquor than many ripened teas I’ve tried. The texture of the brew doesn’t start off overly thick, but leaves a pleasant, thicker finish. This would be a great tea for someone who’s new to shou and wants to experience the mellow, sweet flavor a good shou can possess, without the often unpleasant piling flavor that can easily overpower lower-quality teas.

  2. 5 out of 5

    hollywaxwing (verified owner)

    A very easy-drinking, everyday sort of shou. I would definitely get this one for a daily drinker. Offers a lot for the price point, and the flavor is very clean <3

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