Weeks In Pictures (October 10 – 31)

We've restocked our Ink teacups. They're a little smaller this time around and a perfect size for gongfu #tea. A photo posted by Bitterleaf (@bitterleafteas) on Oct 14, 2016 at 11:11am PDT Ink teacups, now smaller! Got some cha gao on the menu today. Tried [...]

Week In Pictures (September 26 – October 2)

Enjoying some poolside #tea just one last time before heading home. A photo posted by Bitterleaf (@bitterleafteas) on Sep 26, 2016 at 9:08am PDT Embracing the good life, with a flower behind the ear and all. Enjoying some #tea amongst the rice paddies, while the white horses [...]

Week In Pictures (September 19 – 25)

Brewing some Old Stalk 2002 Lincang raw puer and letting one of our new snail #tea pets explore its natural habitat. A photo posted by Bitterleaf (@bitterleafteas) on Sep 19, 2016 at 8:39am PDT We took one of our snail teapets travelling with us, but made [...]

Week In Pictures (September 12 – 18)

We spent this week travelling, but that didn’t mean we didn’t have time for tea or photos. Packing an adequate amount of teaware and #tea for 2 weeks of travel using some teaware bags made from vintage fabric. While this means shipping on all [...]

Week In Pictures (July 10 – 17)

New teaware is now up in the shop, including these one-of-a-kind Ink splash gaiwans and matching cups. That's not all though, as we have some brand new wood fired pieces, Jianshui zitao, gaiwans, cups, little blue ceramic horses and oh so many more [...]

Week In Pictures (June 12 – 18)

Remnants of yellow (huang pian), white and black tea, all in a row. New teaware and old favourites that'll never tire. #huangpian #daxueshan #rawpuer #moonlightwhite #whitetea #ancienttree #gushu #dianhong #blacktea #yunnan #teaware gongdaobei #gaiwan #chaze #gongfucha #tea #茶 #차 #trà #ชา #té #thee [...]

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