Inside a Jingdezhen Teaware Studio

Behind the scenes in the studio where our 1001 series teaware is made. There are several steps producing any piece of teaware, but teapots in particular take a little extra work as they have handles, filters and spouts to attach, as well as lids to fit.

We’ve been asked how handmade cups and fully handmade teaware in general can be so cheap. For mass produced/factory pieces, it’s easy to understand thanks to automation, but for handmade pieces it’s just a matter of balancing. skill and efficiency. In order to get everything done in as efficient a way as possible, everybody specializes in one or very few tasks. This saves considerable time and effort, and also ensures more consistency and accessibility to the pieces. Just think of something you’re really good at, or that you do better than most people you know or would meet. Whether it’s a sport, instrument, or some other skill acquired through practice, it becomes second nature, just like pottery is to many, many people in Jingdezhen.

In this video we share some of the steps before the kiln is loaded for firing, including pounding the clay, wheeling the pieces, attaching parts (if necessary), finishing and touching up, and glazing.

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