Drinking Tea All Day: How to Fit the Most Tea Into a Single Day

Yes, drinking tea all day sounds like a fantastic idea. And for the most part, it is, but you’ve got to remember that caffeine is a helluva drug too, especially when taken gongfu style.

Getting through 2 tea is pretty easy. Even 3 isn’t too bad, but maybe you’ll be a bit hungry after that. By 4 or 5, you’ll definitely want to have eaten something. This is key to helping your body push through multiple sessions of different teas. Eat early, and snack often.

Tasting-wise, we recommend planning out the order of the teas you drink. Greener and lighter roasted teas tend to require a bit more attention, and are perhaps best earlier in the day. Darker teas that are less complex and more body-focused might be a better choice for later in the day.

For those that are caffeine sensitive, then brewing later in the evening is a bit tricky too. We’re fortunate in that we’re not (too) easily affected by caffeine. One of us will literally be drinking tea moments before going to sleep sometimes. But we realize that’s not everyone.

If you want to keep the tea party going at night, consider tossing the first 2-3 brews. Those don’t contain all of the caffeine in your tea, but a good amount of it. Or, if you don’t want to get started on new leaves, take some used ones from earlier in the day and boil them up to extract the last juicy nectar from them.

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