Bitterleaf Labs Semi-Aged Raw Puer Comparison (2017 Bangdong)



This is the first instalment of a series we’ve been wanting to pursue for a while. While each tea we select for our Bitterleaf Labs series is something that we find interesting or enjoyable in its own right, the primary aim is experimental or comparative in nature.

One of the more alluring aspects of puer is the ageing process and seeing how it changes over time. One variable that impacts this is the nature of the base material, while storage conditions and parameters affect the outcome over the years ahead.

To illustrate this, this Bangdong raw puer uses the exact same material, both pressed and left to age as loose maocha under identical conditions (Kunming dry storage) since 2017. We recommend picking up 2 sets if possible – one to drink and compare now, as well as a second set to further the experiment longer. If storing longer, we recommend keeping the bags open for air exchange, but in an enclosed space like a tea jar.

Aside from being educational, this tea is also highly enjoyable. Bangdong is one of our favourite villages in the Lincang area, and the source of material for several of our earlier releases, including 2015 Winter Wings, 2019 Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good, 2020 Bonbon, 2021 Body & Soul and 2/3 of our In the Mood Stuffed Mandarins.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    Fun comparison experience. I’ll test them cold brewed and look for difference between them as well.
    //Smell dry leaf: [Pressed] The intensity of the smell is way higher than the loose version – Sharper, stronger, longer [Loose] Aerial tone on tone smell. Both have this really pleasing citrus (zest and juice) note. Floral, clean clothes, shortbread, mineral, humidity in nature, dessert-like
    /Smell wet leaf: [Pressed] Bright citrus notes, frozen orange juice concentrate, shortbread with orange zest on top, floral punch. [Loose] Humid hay, stewed fruits, wet rocks, diluted orange juice, orange blossom water.
    //Texture: It’s hard to believe that it’s the same tea! [Pressed] Cheeks excitement, thick and heavy texture, teeth coating, freshness. [Loose] Kind of spiciness that makes my taste buds react, thick and heavy texture, way superior mouth coating!
    //Taste : [Pressed] Hay, library, souple leather bag, wet rock, vegetal, mineral, shortbread made with a lot of butter, forest honey. [Loose] Warm spices, mineral, wet leather, similar notes than the pressed leaves but deeper, salty, warm hay.
    //Body sensation: Heat production (like a lot!), heartbeat resonates gently throughout the body, calm, eyes awake, gratitude, present moment in silence

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