Crème de la Crème Yashi Xiang Dancong x Shou Puer



If this experiment was anything less than a success, then you wouldn’t be reading this right now. A blend of quality 2022 spring Yashi Xiang (duckshit fragrance) Dancong and 2020 Menghai shou puer, this unlikely marriage is one of our proudest creations of the year.

The expected high fragrance and floral quality of the dancong comes through in the front. A naturally creamy scent from the dancong is already present, but it is further enhanced by the thicker texture of the shou puer. These teas work beautifully together, managing to put your head in the clouds while your feet are still on the ground.

Normally with teas that we feel strongly about, we recommend picking up one cake to drink now and one to age for later. However, this is still an unproven entity in terms of how the Dancong will perform on a longer timeline, so we can’t make any bold claims about how this will age. Our recommendation remains though, because if you’re like us, you could easily see your first cake disappear in a matter of a month or two.


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4 reviews for Crème de la Crème Yashi Xiang Dancong x Shou Puer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    Truly enjoyable! Well balanced mix of flavours.

    //Smell : Floral, dessert just out of the oven, cooked pineapple, roundness, tropical fruits cake, a bit earthy, sweet
    //Texture: The texture starts a bit thin but goes thicker as we brew the leaves, teeth and cheeks coating
    //Taste : Pleasing mix of flowers, fruits and wet earth, Cavern, tropical fruits cake, caramelized sugar
    //Body sensation: Heat production, faster heartbeat, sleepy eyes!, gratitude, brain awake

  2. 5 out of 5

    Josh (verified owner)

    A wonderful combo! The dancong influence is hinted at in the dry leaf with some minerality, then once the warmth and water hits a whole array begins to jump out. It’s caramel sweetness, creamer & light roast coffee, light earthiness, mineral zest and floral tones. The shou provides this smooth backing note, whereas the dancong blooms in the front with florals, fruit, and freshness. I would say this blend leans more towards the dancong than the shou, but the influence of the shou is certainly felt in the smooth texture and deep backing tone.

  3. 5 out of 5

    CB (verified owner)

    Disclosure: I don’t really like dancong oolong, currently. Am open to change in this. Also, I prefer my shou western style.

    This tea has some STRONG intoxicating smells and tastes of hazelnut and a patch of green hay. I was glued. Heavy, luxurious cream pours forward as it cools. If someone were to blindfold you and ask you if this tea had cream added, you’d kick their ass because you’re lactose intolerant, but you’d be wrong.

    Wife: “I might be able to substitute coffee for that.”

    More cooling – delicious cocoa notes pressed forward and played alongside that lux cream with a presence that harkened me back to the best shou I’ve ever had*. That sticky marzipan and hazelnut note returned on the back palette and aftertaste. This is masterpiece teatre. Bravo!
    [lovingly thrown roses]

    * unexplained asterisk

  4. 4 out of 5

    @cozinhacomcha (verified owner)

    Uma experiencia realmente bem inusitada. O aroma floral é gritante, mas delicioso e combina bem com o puer ripe. Apesar disso, ao se fazer o chá mais concentrado, ou com mais tempo de infusão, sinto que o chá fica embotado, impossível de beber. É um chá realmente que se precisa atenção e cuidado ao preparar para se ter algo agradável, mas vale a experiencia

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