Element 2023 Mengsong Black Tea



Not necessarily your typical black tea, this sun-dried Yunnan black tea offers a nice caramel sweetness, light fruit scent, and pleasant texture.

Shaihong/sun-dried black teas can be a little less up front with their fragrance at first, but continue to develop over time, making them suitable for storing up to 2 years or more. These teas also have a bit more to offer in terms of texture, mouthfeel, and aftertaste.

For gongfu brewing, we recommend brewing this tea similar to a dragon ball or other single serving format, either extending the rinse to 30 seconds or so, to help open the leaves a bit. This biscuit also performs well when western brewing, for which we advise rinsing for 10 seconds, then brewing for up to 30 seconds in a 350-400ml vessel, then adding 20-30 seconds (or to taste) per brew after that.

Each of the convenient single-serving biscuits contains 7g (+/-1 gram of tea).

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