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All of the general tea categories (white, green, black, etc) cover a wide range of processing styles, picking standards and terroir, so there is no single white tea that can demonstrate everything this dynamic category has to offer, but this Mengsong white tea does as good job as any at capturing the natural sweetness associated with white teas.

Aside from a slightly fruity-sweet character, this tea has a pleasant texture and calm, relaxing energy.

For gongfu brewing, we recommend brewing this tea similar to a dragon ball or other single serving format. This tea takes a little extra time to open up, due to the picking standard, so either extending the rinse to 30-40 seconds or performing a second rinse will help open the leaves a bit. This biscuit also performs well when western brewing, for which we advise performing a 90 second rinse, followed by a 60 second (to allow it to open further) brew in a 350-400ml vessel, and a shorter brew time of 30-40 seconds (or to taste) per brew after that.

Each of the convenient single-serving biscuits contains 7g (+/-1 gram of tea).

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    Cozy and comforting!
    //Smell: Raspberry coulis, almond cake, big flowers, clean clothes
    //Texture: Suuuuper creamy – like a blanket for the tongue, cold on the teeth, thicken saliva, thick texture
    //Taste: Raspberry candy, cream & sugar coulis, roasting notes
    //Body sensation: Good mood, eyes awake, smiling cheeks, nice calm energy, light heat production

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