Flowerbomb 2024 Spring Simao Oolong



A unique find from this spring, this oolong comes from Simao (Puer), but uses Taiwanese small leaf, soft stem varietal trees (台湾小叶种乌龙软枝) for the material. The result is an incredibly affordable and unique oolong compared to anything else we’ve come across in Yunnan.

The profile of this tea is quite similar to our Chocolate Flower Peach, due to it being processed as a “red oolong”, which involves a relatively higher level of oxidization. Although it treads close to black tea territory, it still retains the qualities of an oolong in terms of processing and character, with a heavier emphasis on florals compared to our CFP. That shouldn’t be a surprise based on the name though.

This tea handily outperforms its budget, and is a must try for anyone who enjoys “wild” dianhongs or Taiwanese oolongs.

Region: Simao, Yunnan

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