Future Sailor 2022 Mengsong Purple-White Tea



This unconventional tea is a cyber sea dog of magic and mystery. Is it purple, is it white? A little bit of both is right. Purple in varietal, white in processing style, boil, brew, and trip a while.

Although the trees may seem young on a human timescale, the material for this tea comes from billions of years old pure stardust that has travelled forward, sideward, and possibly even backward, in time to end up becoming what we on earth know as Zijuan (purple beauty) tea plants. Grown in the Mengsong region of Yunnan, this unique varietal of purple tea is willing to take you on a voyage into the future, if you’ll let it.

Your fate and adventures may still be unwritten in the book of time, but based on our travels with this tea, an unconventional experience can be expected, filled with a crisp, tangy, fruit-like sweetness, nice huigan and even a fragrance that strongly reminds us of purple sweet potatoes. That last one might seem like a stretch, but this stood out to us. And if you haven’t tried purple sweet potatoes, then you have a secondary mission of finding some (sold separately) and baking them.


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5 reviews for Future Sailor 2022 Mengsong Purple-White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    Josh (verified owner)

    Look at those leaves, woah. The dry leaf is heavy with baimudan vibes, but extra minty and foresty. Warmed up, it’s spiced, sugary stewed fruits and sugar cane. Sipping a steep, now you’re on silver needle street with fresh, crisp sweetness, and some added veggie zest. The texture is really gentle and soft too. I feel like this tea took me on a tour of some of my favorite white tea profiles.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    Drinking this tea is like drinking multiple white teas simultaneously.

    //Smell : The dry leaves remind me of a bai mu dan: vegetal, aerial, intensity of the smell is just right. Once the rinse the leaves; pow-pow! Get ready for a massive jump. The leaves are now in the silver needle side with ripped cherries, zesty, coconut sugar, floral kiss, tart and even some vivid/sharp fruit notes as a bonus!
    //Texture: Heavy, coats the whole mouth for a pretty long time between each sip
    //Taste : Silver needle notes, fresh, aerial, vegetal, sweet zest, humid hay
    //Body sensation: Mental energy, makes me hungry ^^

  3. 5 out of 5

    Carsten (verified owner)

    WOW … It’s a different tea. Got up and felt for once fresh and well rested. Got some pictures taken for the post and then started with the tea.
    Especially in the first steeps I got a very clear mint freshness. Beyond that, the taste, as I have also seen others write, is a bit of a mix of baimudan and silver needle.
    The effect. After 3 steepe I fall into the IG reels rabbit hole. Felt the time stood still and when I tore myself loose it was like waking up from a dream. A little eary and dizzy. All the energy I had when I got up was gone. But after all, I got up and got out and ran my morning run.
    Conclusion. I love it already after the first time. Next time I try it should be an evening where I have too much energy in my body so I can see how it then behaves.

  4. 3 out of 5

    Martin Ödman (verified owner)

    Dry leaf smells like green bell peppers to me, or very peppery at any rate. This note dominates the whole session from wet leaf smell to aftertaste and is joined by a bai mudan-type sweetness and depth as soon as the leaves hit water. The aftertaste is strong and persistent. All good so far, and very different from any other white tea I’ve tried. Here’s my problem with my sample: if using water hotter than 85-90c the tea exhibits a very unpleasant, metallic astringency which has to be avoided with some mindful brewing. I got a piece of the beenghole and inner cake, and the compression is way too hard especially for lower temp brewing. I steeped this for the whole day after finishing the main session, and I still found dry bits after over 12 total hours in water. So I’d either have to break it up badly or brew with higher temps and neither option makes for a good session. But it’s good news for anyone looking to age this for a very long time maybe? Certainly seems to have the legs for it. Interesting and different tea. Has a cerebral effect, not much in the body.

  5. 4 out of 5

    Carlos Simeão Balbino Garcia (verified owner)

    O cake é simplesmente lindo, as folhas mesclam tons amarronzados e acidentados com partes carmim quase âmbar, que trazem notas aromáticas que lembram um mix entre gong mei e bai mu dan, vegetal e doce.

    As folhas úmidas apresentam notas aromáticas de frutas silvestres e cerejas, trazendo uma certa acidez e dulçor já no aroma, com uma leve pimenta branca.

    O licor de tom amarelo levemente alaranjado é translucido e brilhoso, e carrega notas que lembram em muito o bai mu dan; um vegetal suave e equilibrado, em conjunto com uma untuosidade que da maciez ao chá, e um leve amargor e adstringência de fundo, sendo complementado por uma acidez em conjunto com as notas de frutas cítricas silvestres no retrogosto.

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