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Seeking out an infused black tea that’s enjoyable for both advanced drinkers and beginners can be a challenge. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered these two teas. Not only have we been regularly returning to them ourselves, but they serve as a great tea to convert family and friends to the finer teas in life.

The black tea base comes from high quality, small-leaf varietal material from Yaan, which is then naturally infused using either Osmanthus or Hanxiao flowers.

We highly recommend comparing between both teas. We also suggest brewing both teas with a slightly lower temperature (85-90c) for best results.


Scented with 含笑花 (a type of magnolia), this tea produces a prominent banana fragrance, which becomes more pronounced by the 3rd brew. Fruitier than its counterpart, this tea has a slight jam/fermented fruit quality that also touches on a ginseng fruit note, and complements the natural milk chocolate quality of the black tea.

The fragrance develops in layers from brew to brew, with a hint of white flower scent throughout. The flower used for scenting this tea blooms and is picked in April, and comes from the same region as the tea (Yaan). Unlike the other tea from this set, after the tea is infused, there is a labour intensive process of removing the flowers.


This tea relies on two varietals of Osmanthus flower for its fragrance, which is traditionally used in Chinese desserts, enhancing the taste, fragrance and appearance. The result is a creamy, sweet tea that has a dessert-like quality, without feeling overly floral or perfumed. The sweet high notes make it enjoyable for beginners, while a layered fragrance and richer texture will suit more advanced drinkers.

For this tea, the Osmanthus flowers can only be picked on sunny days around September. After mixing with the tea, the flowers are left in and dried together, lending a beautiful gilded appearance to the tea.

Brew with an open mind and we expect you’ll have the same pleasant experience.


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3 reviews for God Scent Infused Yaan Black Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    Marie Kaze (verified owner)

    I took Demeter because I had never tasted magnolia scented black tea. There is definitly banana going on which is unusual in tea but it isn’t overwhelming. The tea also floral and keep some good black tea flavor profile. The balance of flavours is very pleasant.

  2. 5 out of 5

    mbibik (verified owner)

    I’m a fan of both but Demeter’s really special. Great balance and a nice evolution from steeping to steeping, and the tea itself can stand on its own once the flowers lose their potency. Solid choices for scented teas!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    Strong differences between both teas that make it fun to horizontal compare. Result: Persephone team here!

    Persephone — Peach candy, tropical fruit juice, plain cupcake with passion fruit icing on it (sugary), ripe pineapple, mango sorbet
    Demeter – Old potpourri, burned edges on cake, candied fruits, weird candy given at the restaurant

    Persephone – Medium to thick texture, heavy presence on the back teeth, creamy and smooth
    Demeter – Medium to thick texture, expansive wave of tea in the mouth, super generous gum coating, smooth

    Persephone – Orange flower blossom, fruit & flower cold brewed in pure water, light and perfumed coulis over almond cake, raisin bread, mango sorbet, candied peaches
    Demeter – Old flowers from potpourri, fermented fruits, funky-weird candy, orange peel cold brew, old lady flowery perfume, scented writing paper

    //Body sensation: Strong body heat, heartbeat sensation in the throat, smiling cheeks, smooth energy, relax body enjoying the discovery

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