Hestia 2022 Spring Jiangmu Xiang Dancong Oolong



With a name like “Mother of Ginger” Fragrance, we were initially skeptical as to how much of a ginger quality this tea can have, especially since the more common “ginger flower” fragrance varietal leans towards a floral profile, rather than resembling the spicy rhizome itself. Nope, we were wrong – this truly is the mother of ginger. Like so many Dancong varietals (expect duck shit), this tea 100% lives up to its name.

It might not be as obvious in the first brew, but as the session goes on with this tea, a noticeable warming sensation picks up in the mouth and the throat. This tea is technically classified as having a floral fragrance; however, this is only slightly on display, with the spicy note taking the forefront.

Made from high mountain Wudong material that has been charcoal roasted, this tea also offers a thick body and brown-sugary sweetness. If you’ve ever tried making your own ginger beer, then this could very well be considered the tea equivalent of that.

Please note that the 250g size does not include a tin.


We recommend brewing this tea using Chaozhou style gongfu brewing. Here’s how it’s done:

For something different, you can also try cold brewing:

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6 reviews for Hestia 2022 Spring Jiangmu Xiang Dancong Oolong

  1. 5 out of 5

    titleds (verified owner)

    Fruity sweet flavor with spicy warm feeling in the yun, it resembles galangal (the native SE asian rhizome used for curry paste and spicy soup). I can confidently recall the experiences from Tom Kha (Spicy galangal soup) and Kluay Buad Chii (Stewed banana in sweetened coconut cream). The warmth endures multiple infusions and continues to stimulate my beloved memories.

  2. 5 out of 5


    A wonderful, wonderful, well-rounded dancong. Nice and complex aroma paired with a wonderful flavour full of complexity, really straddling the potent and delicate line quite nicely. A wonderful complexity and character of the tea, changing in characteristics between steeps, making for a unique session. Amazing orangey aftertaste with a decent finish, paired with a great steep longevity.

    The main criticism I have of this tea is that it doesn’t have enough “shan yun” that is common in high quality dancongs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s there, but for the price tag, I expected more of it. The tea leaves were also slightly inconsistent in picking, and the liquor wasn’t the most inviting but decent when it comes to thickness. The texture was decent, but it could’ve brought slightly more to the table. Lastly, the buzzy cha-qi was present quite a bit, and there was a bit of a warming cha-qi, but they could’ve been a bit more potent.

    Overall, a really good tea. I was looking for the ginger that is implied by the name, but it was only slightly present. Otherwise, beautiful tea which I think is worth it despite the steep price point.

    Flavors: Citrus Zest, Floral, Flowers, Fruity, Ginger, Herbaceous, Honeydew, Orange, Roasted, Spices, Sweet, Warm Grass, Tangerine, Tangy, Yuzu

  3. 5 out of 5

    grifty (verified owner)

    Rich, bright, and packs a punch. I love how this tea is bold without overwhelming the senses, and balanced yet still allowing many individual elements to shine. Hestia also seems to let you infuse more times than you’d expect. A lot to experience and appreciate in this one!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    Pleasant spiciness on the tip of the tongue
    //Smell : Wow-wow-wow tropical fruits! Charcoal roast, honey, floral, caramelized dessert, vivid
    //Texture: The liquor seems to expand in the mouth, super thick, heavy, spice on the palate’s side, sticky
    //Taste : Warm spice, floral, fruit cream, roast, mineral, light orange juice sweeten with maple syrup
    //Body sensation: Heat production, heavy eyebrows, calm energy, sleepy eyes

  5. 5 out of 5

    NN (verified owner)

    Like a big turbocharger, this one has some lag upfront and takes a couple steeps before it kicks in, but when it does it goes really far.

    It opens up with some creamy-sweet notes reminiscent of galangal – somewhat perfume-y with a touch of florals sitting nicely on top of some earthy undertones which progressively become louder as the session progresses.

    This dancong has a creep-up-on-you quality that is different than the usual in-your-face qualities that something like a high-end Mi Lan would bring. It takes a minute to build up to that warming spicy sensation that is mentioned in the description, but it definitely gets there. I have not found many examples of Jiang Mu that capture the note of ginger, and this one does.

    It’s a little more subtle than it is overt, but it’s worth the pursuit because there’s a lot of good stuff to experience along the way even if you don’t get the ginger notes.

    The mouthfeel is sappy and syrupy with some tropical hardwood qualities to balance out the sweetness these leaves carry with them. It hangs out in the back of the throat and mingles nicely with the ginger-like notes, harmonizing the aftertaste into something that has a fruity-sweet quality as well as a pleasant minerality that is characteristic of high-end dancong.

    The leaf quality is good, they maintain their composure throughout the full session even towards the end when steep times are long off a freshly rolling boil. The color of the soup retains its clarity and does not turn hazy. Cha qi is very nice; cerebral and stimulating with a soothing quality felt in the body.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Jack (verified owner)

    The fragrance is very pleasant and expressive, with floral and fruity notes dominating. Mouthfeel is good, but it is in the aftertaste that the dancong really shows its worth. Great longevity – it can last 10+ infusions.

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