Impress Forcibly Through Unexpectedness 2023 Wuliang Shan Baimudan White Tea



Originally introduced in 2020, we’re very happy to bring back this Wuliang shan white tea. Made from material that is typically used for puer, this baimudan grade white tea is a perfect example of how unique Yunnan white teas can be.

This tea has a crisp, clear fragrance up front and a long lasting sweetness in the mouth and throat. The flavour plays a delicate balancing act between floral and fruity, with a gardenia fragrance up front and a slight green apple note lingering in the aftertaste.

The texture is smooth and full, as Yunnan white teas tend to be. We highly recommend this as a companion cake to our other Yunnan white teas, as it highlights the range of flavours and qualities that can be found within the category.


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2 reviews for Impress Forcibly Through Unexpectedness 2023 Wuliang Shan Baimudan White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    @cozinhacomcha (verified owner)

    Levemente herbal, com um toque de adstringência e amargor e uma doçura que se mantem na boca. Recomendo fazer com baixa temperatura para aproveitar mais as notas vegetais e o dulçor do chá. Parece uma ótima escolha para se envelhecer

  2. 4 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    A call for the new season (spring). Pleasant and simple moment

    //Smell : Tall grass, honey and water hot concoction, vegetal, flowers, vegetable broth, steamed dumplings, perfumed wet hay, celery
    //Texture: Heat on the tip of the tongue, light-weight/flying saliva?!, medium texture, cheeks/teeth covering
    //Taste : Rich celery broth, dry hay, vegetable dumplings, fruit brews in water, puffed rice cake
    //Body sensation: Face awake, increased heartbeat, need to move around, shaky hands

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