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While the reputation of Laomane puer tends to be characterized by its aggressive and bitter qualities, this white tea of the same origin throws those expectations out the window. While not particularly bitter, this tea is also anything by an ordinary Yunnan white tea, providing a step up for your palate from common white tea.

Although a sugary quality is present, this tea doesn’t just lean on being another sweet white tea, demonstrating an exceptionally pleasant balance of flavours, as well as an impressive soup texture. This tea is a must for white tea lovers, but also an opportunity to compare the impact of processing style on source material.


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2 reviews for Iron Silk 2023 Laomane White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    Josh (verified owner)

    I’ve been super curious to discover how Laoman’e material expresses itself when processed into a white tea! The aroma initially answers this question with fruitiness, like red apple skin, korean pear, dried apricot, before a sip immediately follows up with sweetness straight out. This isn’t a white tea that “builds up” that sugary aftertaste, rather hitting with sweet warmth and hints of something savory right off the bat. Further steeps bring more savory layers, reminding me of oregano, tomato greens, margarine and mount olympus flowers. The texture here is slick but also fuzzy in a baimudan-like astringent way, lending well to those allusions of silk. It’s really interesting how the processing here virtually erases any inate harsh qualities (and I pushed this tea, believe me) and yields comforting layers of sugar and herb.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    A true treasure! Really pleasant and gentle session!

    //Smell : Silky sweet, perfumed dry bread, warm vanilla cake with raspberry coulis on it, dried flowers, wet rock, cream
    //Texture: Spicy effect on the tip of the tongue, smooth & thick texture (almost sticky), warm cheeks covering
    //Taste : Shortbread with flowers, vegetal, honey cake icing, concentrated red berry coulis, wheat
    //Body sensation: Good mood, inner smile, pleasing warm, present moment, grateful

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