The Pleasure is All Mine 2022 Nannuo White Tea



With this tea, we’ve finally succumbed to the trend of using high quality leaf for white tea. As white tea picks up in popularity, more and more farmers in Yunnan have started diverting spring material and pickings from old trees, which would both normally become raw puer, to white tea production. This tea does an excellent job of justifying this diversion, with an incredible texture, depth, and thickness that is less common in white teas.

We recommend this tea for extended sessions, with a floral flavour that reveals itself in layers. An orchid scent, while not necessarily obvious up front, is buried in the soup and comes through in the aftertaste, which is accompanied by a salivating effect.

This tea uses the same Nannuo old tree material as our Pleasure & Pain, which some might categorize as gushu, but according to the farmer is difficult to say. The trees have been around longer than anyone alive can remember, but whether they’re 100, 200 or 300+ years old is anyone’s guess. Age is just a number anyway, and what counts is that the tea comes from a clean, natural environment.

We recommend our Pleasure & Pain raw puer as a companion tea to learn about the differences processing can make when using the same source material.

Picking period: Pre-April 5th


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2 reviews for The Pleasure is All Mine 2022 Nannuo White Tea

  1. 4 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    I noticed a lack of intensity, I will try with hotter water and longer steeping time in my next sessions
    //Smell : Bai Mu Dan and silver needle smell, spaghetti pastas, caramelized notes, some green freshness, light flowery presence
    //Texture: Tingling on the tongue, medium texture, coating on the tongue/cheeks/teeth
    //Taste : Green delicacy, cream, hay, broth, maple leaves cookies, summer heavy humidity, maple fudge
    //Body sensation: Sound sensitive, calm mind & body

  2. 5 out of 5

    Josh (verified owner)

    This white tea gives me spiced apple pie, warm honey and summer bbq vibes. A bit of floral bitterness develops after an initial steep, blending with sweetness at the back of the throat. It’s refreshingly hot, viscous and weighty + it lends a great deal of creative/focused qi.

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