Migaloo 2017 Fuding Shoumei White Tea



A big tea with a small price, this 2017 aged shoumei not only packs the smooth and sweet qualities that can be expected from a larger leaf grade, but also has a nice separation of flavour, which is usually reserved for finer leaf grades.

From the first brew, a slight aged quality can be picked up. This is accompanied by a minty and refreshing cooling effect in the mouth and throat. With further brews, plum notes reveal themselves, as well as some mild herbal notes.

This is a tea that is enjoyable now, but also has great potential for further ageing.

Although pressing white teas into cakes is now commonplace for the sake of convenience of shipping and storage, we decided to offer this tea in loose form only. Our aim with this choice was to retain as much of the subtle fragrance, layers and complexity that Fujian white teas are known for, without being squashed by pressing.


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2 reviews for Migaloo 2017 Fuding Shoumei White Tea

  1. 4 out of 5

    Bunnyzilla (verified owner)

    An excellent aged shoumei in which the wet leaves bring notes of cream, wildflower honey, a bouquet of dried flowers in which rose and gardenia are particularly evident, medjoul dates and dried apricot. In the mouth it is enveloping, has a good body, good intensity and medium persistence in which notes of apricot, elderflower, candied fruit, aromatic herbs and honey are revealed.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    //Smell: Vegetal (dry), sugary, fruit perfumed, tart, zesty, raspberry concentrated juice
    //Texture: Medium texture, smooth, surprising mouth/throat coating shockwave, cold menthol effect
    //Taste: Raspberry coulis, plum cake, sugary fruits, perfumed, honeyed pastries
    //Body sensation: Tired eyes, resonating heartbeats, calming, slows things down

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