Paeon 2022 Fuding Baimudan White Tea



Versatility is the name of the game with this tea. This baimudan grade white takes a seat between our other two Fujian offerings. Bolder and denser than tips-only, yet more floral and fragrant forward than shoumei, this tea gives off some serious Goldilocks vibes.

There is a sugary, candied sweetness in both the smell and taste, while a night-blooming floral fragrance follows in hot pursuit. A slight vegetal quality is present, while a floral quality persists in the early steeps, fading mid-way, then returning to check on you in the later steeps.

With a thick texture, this tea lingers on the sides of the tongues and corner of the mouth, as well as offers more in terms of throat and huigan than tip-only grades of white tea.

Although pressing white teas into cakes is now commonplace for the sake of convenience of shipping and storage, we decided to offer this tea in loose form only. Our aim with this choice was to retain as much of the fragrance, layers and complexity that Fujian white teas are known for as possible.


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2 reviews for Paeon 2022 Fuding Baimudan White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    For a lovely book & tea moment.
    //Smell: Hay, floral, sliced bread, herbaceous, fruit cold brew, steamed dumpling
    //Texture: Intense hot mouth coating shockwave, thick/creamy texture, sleek
    //Taste: Dry/clean hay, herbaceous, cooked pasta with oil over them, flowery steamed dumpling, strawberry field
    //Body sensation: Calming, awakened senses, joy

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lyric (verified owner)

    Soft, sweet fluffy tea with unique mouthfeel and a taste I can reduce to banana bread. It’s pretty lovely. Bready, floral, fruity-banana sweet creamy taste!

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