Tiger Sniffs the Rose 2022 Naka White Tea



Made from Naka material that would normally grow up to become raw puer, this white tea offers a sugary-sweet, slightly fruity experience, coupled with a pleasant texture and body to hold things down.

Compared to the 2021 version, this year’s version leans more towards the floral side of things. This floral quality becomes even more noticeable as the session goes on and adds a nice dimension to the tea.

For white tea lovers, this is a strong candidate for tonging, or at the very least pairing a drink-now cake with one for storage.


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7 reviews for Tiger Sniffs the Rose 2022 Naka White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5


    Aspects of this tea remind me of sheng puerh straight from the dry leaf, from an initial citrus zest to some high-frequency florals. The hallmarks of sugar and fruit spring from the cup, along with a silky soft body, and leafy apple salad + candy fizz grape in the sip. I find the florals mostly in the teapot and empty cup, whereas sugar really builds in the throat. I like the light blending of all these tones – nothing really overpowers, making for a relaxed, comforting session.

  2. 4 out of 5

    M.Ö. (verified owner)

    As a massive fan of the 2021 version with 6 cakes down the hatch and 6 more in storage, I had high hopes for this. Some things have improved: it’s more pleasant in terms of fragrance and sweetness, feels more nuanced and tastes better in general (comparing to my memory of the fresh 2021 cakes). Last year’s version was more one-dimensional and didn’t evolve much throughout a session but had better stamina. It was more coarse/rough but it also had one of my favorite body feels of any tea I’ve tried. This year’s version seems to lack the ability to put me in that deep state of calm and stillness (subjective and situational no doubt). Unremarkable tea in terms of body feel. And for me, that’s likely going to stop me from tonging up on this. It’s still a nice and somewhat unique oxidised white for the price. The 2021 cakes have calmed down with time and gotten some nice buttery notes last I checked. I think this year’s version will also benefit from some period of rest, but drinking it now makes for an enjoyable session as well.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    Great tea session. I find it better than the 2021 version.
    //Smell : Gentle floral notes, raspberry crumble, sweet oat cookies, candied zest
    //Texture: Creamy coating of the teeth, medium texture at first but get thicker and thicker as we brew the leaves, cold teeth
    //Taste: Warm flowers, fruit sugar, cake made from apple sauce, mineral (a bit salty)
    //Body sensation: Thick salivation, long lasting taste, calming effect, present moment, introspection

  4. 5 out of 5

    Rosy (verified owner)

    I bought two with the expectation that I would save one and go through the other quickly. That being said, I would say this one is full tong worthy. Comes right out of the gate with a floral, apple sweetness but is surprisingly sheng like in flavor as well. I didn’t get any astringency and the texture was quite soft.

  5. 4 out of 5

    rudi (verified owner)

    Brief steeps (5-10 seconds) in 90 Celsius water.
    Liquor is a clear deep amber in color.
    Taste is smooth and clean, honeyish and fruity, with a long sweet aftertaste on the palate.
    Medium mouthfeel with a slight stickiness on the lips and no astringency or tartness.
    Wet leaves are dark bronzed brown in hue, giving off a slight scent of burnt honey and ripen autumn fruits.
    The flavor intensity starts to mellow down by the 4th infusion, thus best to do a longer steep from here onwards.
    A (1 minute) steep gives a slight darker hue to the liquor, brings out a hint of zestiness to the fruity note, as well as a floral note in the aftertaste.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Delicioso e aromático, uma verdadeira explosão floral desde o abrir da embalagem. Doce, macio e cremoso, com uma leve sensação de secura no dente

  7. 5 out of 5

    elizf (verified owner)

    Tiger Sniffs the Rose is a sweet and lightly fruity white. As I sipped, it was as if I was catching faint whiffs of piles of fresh raked autumn leaves

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