Top Flight 2022 Fuding Silver Needle White Tea



Our finest grade of Fujian white tea, this silver needle grade tea rewards attention with a consistently sweet and layered experience that develops with each brew. While delicate in nature, this shouldn’t be confused for weak.

Prominent floral and fruity notes in the first two infusions lead into what can be described as a “hoaxing/豪香” quality in the 3rd, or a “hairy fragrance” due to the large number of fine hairs found on the tips and floating in the soup. With sweetness persisting, the florals come back to the forefront in the 5th and 6th infusion.

The higher concentration of amino acids in the tips also give this tea a “xian/鲜”, or “fresh” quality. This character falls a bit short after translation into English, but is often used in Chinese when describing fresh foods, delicacies or things like mushrooms. Hopefully drinking this tea can fill in some of the gaps that language can’t.

Although pressing white teas into cakes is now commonplace for the sake of convenience of shipping and storage, we decided to offer this tea in loose form only. Our aim with this choice was to retain as much of the fragrance, layers and complexity that Fujian white teas are known for as possible.


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2 reviews for Top Flight 2022 Fuding Silver Needle White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    Serene moment. A kiss of freshness in the middle of the winter.
    //Smell: Sliced bread (fresh), tall grass, aerial, delicate, wild leaf herbal infusion, raspberry leaves, floral, herbaceous (dry)
    //Texture: Cold on the palate but warming on the rest of the mouth, the tea hair tickle while we drink, sticky and pretty thick texture
    //Taste: Smooth, like drinking a draft of summer, aerial, dry hay, sweet, herbaceous, flowery pasta cream
    //Body sensation: Thick saliva, menthol effect that lasts long between each sip, calming, gratitude

  2. 5 out of 5

    gyokuro (verified owner)

    An incredibly fresh taste. It’s a tea with a syrupy texture and a warm, blanketing energy. There’s not much of a physical, tangible taste to it beyond a honeydew quality with a bit of a fresh-linen feeling, but it just comes across as wonderfully fresh, sweet, juicy, and clean. This tea invigorates the soul and has a great energy that can carry for many, many steeps.

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