White Crow 2022 Lincang Shoumei White Tea



Made from 2022 Lincang material, this Shoumei-grade white tea exhibits a pleasant floral fragrance and thick texture. As this tea is made from Yunnan big leaf material, it can withstand multiple infusions, after which we strongly recommend boiling in order to extract the last of that sweet, sweet tea-nectar.

As white tea continues to surge in popularity, more and more teas that use “high quality” or “gushu” (read: expensive) material seem to push their way to the front. Meanwhile, this budget level shoumei has had us coming back year after year, with a great fragrance, nice mouthfeel and slight honey sweetness.


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3 reviews for White Crow 2022 Lincang Shoumei White Tea

  1. 5 out of 5


    This shoumei has me feeling immaculate. Honey bud sweetness builds with each and every sip here, encompassing fruit syrup, spring hay, warm summer zest at the back of the palate & throat. The initial sips are subtle but quickly reveal heavy viscosity and sweetness within, even just in the first steep. It’s addicting and keeps up with many infusions, those final pushes to full boil returning even more. This tea packs some creative, comforting energy.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris

    Keep going the brews. I can’t get enough!
    //Smell : Strong forest honey smell, almond croissant, well balanced pot-pourri, clean clothes, menthol cough drop, pepper mint, floral
    //Texture: Hot tingling on the tip of the tongue, medium creamy texture, whole mouth coating (long lasting effect)
    //Taste: Steamed dumpling, honey madeleines with vanilla, herbaceous, warming mystery spice
    //Body sensation: Thick saliva, heartbeat that resonate in the chest, mind awake, silence, gratitude

  3. 5 out of 5


    Um chá surpreendente, muito similar ao moonligh white, tanto em aroma como em sabor. Untuoso, aromatico, com notas cremosas e maiex sem igual que remetem a mel, torrone, e bolinhos amenteigados.

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