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Please note: This listing is for pre-sale only. Each grade will be sent out as it becomes available, with the highest grades available in the 2nd half of March. If other items are ordered together, they will be held and sent out together once the tea is ready. If you wish to have other items sent first, please purchase them in a separate order.

We are pleased to again be able to offer several tiers of Shifeng Longjing for 2024. Shifeng Longjing of this quality is typically not easily accessible through shops or conventional sources, and authentic pickings can even be difficult to acquire even within China due to limited production quantity and status.

These teas come from a registered distributor in Hangzhou who has long term leases of land in Shifeng, therefore each tea comes with an authentication code associated with it (per 250g). Having worked with this source each year since 2017, we confidently offer these teas on a private/pre-order basis for those who want to experience arguably one of the most famous and coveted teas in China.

Pre-ming Shifeng Longjing teas are quite expensive and as such we do not recommend them for beginners or those looking for qualities similar to lower grade Zhejiang Longjing. Just as with other types of tea, the quality difference with these teas can be nuanced and subtle, expressed through clarity of flavour and mouthfeel. If you’re looking for an overwhelming nuttiness, obvious fragrance, or a daily drinking green, then we recommend sticking with more affordable versions of Longjing or having a look at our Ganlu offering for this year.

Please see the “description of grades” tab for more information about the differences between each tier. All grades (except Niubeiji) are available in #43 varietal, as well as the traditional/older Quntizhong/群体种 for the highest grades only. Compared to the newer #43 varietal, Quntizhong tends to have a deeper flavour, more complexity, and is often described as the “original taste of Longjing”. However, many trees were cut down in the 80s to make room for #43 varietal bushes, which offer a higher yield, more uniform and attractive leaves, as well as an earlier picking time.

Bear in mind that teas of this caliber are not cheap. Minimum quantity for each grade is dictated by our supplier, which is 100g, although 200g sizes are available too.

Each purchase has an authentication code with its own authentication sticker. These authentication stickers are regulated by the Chinese government and issued to producers in Longjing village according to their production output. Each purchase will have an associated authentication code and QR code per 100g that can be used to verify the origin.

Pre-Rain – This tea is picked after Qingming festival, but before the first spring rains. The result is an excellent quality tea that is full of flavour, but much more affordable than the early pickings. The leaf appearance may not be the prettiest, but this is a great choice in terms of value and considered by old teaheads as the “true taste of Longjing”.

Qihuo Pre-Ming 43 Varietal – This tea is picked during “qihuo” (骑火), which is the two days before and including the Qingming festival. This was considered by Emperor Qianlong to be the best Longjing of the season due to its fullness and endurance. It also happens to be one of our personal favourite grades both in terms of flavour and value.

AA Grade Pre-Ming 43 Varietal – Picked just before the Qihuo grade period, this tea offers a slightly more delicate flavour.

Special Grade/Teji Pre-Ming 43 Varietal – This consists of the 43 varietal (new varietal) tea that has been picked earlier than the AA grade and is more tender and delicate.

Special Grade/Teji Pre-Ming Quntizhong varietal – This Quntizhong varietal tea is the most accessible way to experience the traditional taste of Longjing, with earlier pickings (Jingpin and Niubeiji) commanding a higher price.

Premium/Top Grade /Jingpin Pre-Ming 43 Varietal – 精品级含头采, or “premium grade first pickings” of #43 varietal consists of the earliest pickings, including first picking, and is considered the highest grade from the Shifeng region.

Premium/Top Grade /Jingpin Pre-Ming Quntizhong varietal – 精品级含头采, or “premium grade first pickings” of Quntizhong varietal consists of the earliest pickings, including first picking, and is considered the highest grade from the Shifeng region. Being Quntizhong varietal, these are arguably the most sought after leaves of the season.

Niubeiji (牛背脊)/”Bull Back” Hand Roasted Quntizhong varietal – This is the highest grade we can make available and comes from a smaller, special production area. This area is known for having more older bushes that produce a thick texture and rich fragrance.

There are 5 areas within the Xihu (west lake) production area that produce Longjing, each with their own minor differences in processing: Each of these teas come from Shifeng, which is considered the top sub-region in terms of quality.

The other subregions are Longjing, Yunxi, Hupao, and Meijiawu (which produces the largest amount of Longjing out of lot). Tea from these regions are also considered as authentic Xihu Longjing. Other “Longjing” is technically Zhejiang Longjing from Qiantang or Yuezhou.

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