Body & Soul 2022 Dianhong Black Tea & Ripe Puer



Everyone’s favourite experiment shou puer-black tea combo is back for a 3rd time in as many years. One of our most popular pressings in recent years, this year’s formula was developed over 2+ months of sampling and blending. This extra time was all in an effort to produce a blend that more closely resembled the initial 2020 version.

While the shou puer portion continues to use 2020 Bulang material, this year’s black tea is a 2022 Fengqing. The result is a higher fragrance and good balance between the sweet, fragrant black tea and the rich, smooth shou puer. The shou’s influence starts to come out a bit more in the 3rd and 4th steeps, rooting the tea with a nice mouthfeel. Just like life, this tea starts off with an enchanting floating fragrance, but gradually focuses inward with subsequent steeps.

Our effort to return to the 2020 formula was inspired after sampling our initial pressing from that year. Although it performed well after pressing, upon sampling it recently it’s clear that the extra years have allowed the flavours to evolve and meld over time.


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2 reviews for Body & Soul 2022 Dianhong Black Tea & Ripe Puer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexandra Verville-Paris (verified owner)

    Pleasing taste for those calm winter tea sessions
    //Smell : White tea kinda vegetal notes, dessert-bread, sweet, warm raisins, floral, herbaceous, summer straight into the nose
    //Texture: Hot area on the tip of the tongue, medium texture, gentle presence on the cheeks, dry palate
    //Taste : Creamy-earthy, warm herbaceous, raisins cookies, floral, summer vibe!
    //Body sensation: Calmly awake, joy, quick heartbeat

  2. 5 out of 5

    @cozinhacomcha (verified owner)

    Uma mescla que combina super bem, o chá preto e puer se equilibram, trazendo notas doces e maltadas interessantes em conjunto

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