Crème de la Crème Yashi Xiang Dancong x Shou Puer



Made from an unusual blend of Yashi Xiang (duckshit fragrance) Dancong and Menghai Shou Puer, this tea offers the best of both worlds. The floral fragrance and flavour of the Dancong is a constant, anchoring this tea well after taking a sip, while the shou puer offers an extra layer of texture and smoothness, not to mention a nice complementary flavour.

Now in its second iteration, the formula for 2023 is largely the same, with the biggest change being the use of 2023 material for the Dancong. For now, there is a nice separation of flavours, however, with one pressing already behind us, we expect this tea to settle into itself nicely over the next year.

This is a tea we highly recommend doubling up on. It makes for an enjoyable session now or with age, but also has a way of disappearing quicker than expected.


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2 reviews for Crème de la Crème Yashi Xiang Dancong x Shou Puer

  1. 3 out of 5

    Nicolas Zytkowiak (verified owner)

    Strong oolong taste. I’d recommend going light on the grams with this tea. Relatively cheap for the quality, but I personally prefer a stronger shou flavour!

  2. 5 out of 5

    XuYanling (verified owner)

    Brewed in the UFO Jianshui zitao gaiwan, the wet leaves smell earthy with a hint of oolong. At first, the dramatically dark red liquor gives more dominant and deep pu’er taste. The oolong side then takes over at later infusions, presenting its creamy and aromatic nuances, giving a rather comforting feeling. However, when brewed in an Yixing zini teapot, surprisingly, the dancong’s creamy aroma is suppressed quite a bit, resulting in the taste of shu pu’er with vegetal herbal notes.

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