Duo 2021 Fall Dijie & Nanpo Bingdao(ish) Raw Puer



A continuation of sorts from our 2020 Solo Bawai raw puer, this set adds 2 more of the 5 villages that make up Bingdao: Nanpo and Dijie. While Bingdao Laozhai (old village) can be considered the purest Bingdao of them all, it’s also one of the most expensive in Yunnan. These fall teas offer a more accessible experience and arguably a much better value, coming in at a fraction of the cost of Laozhai.

While our 2020 Solo came from the east side of the river that runs through these villages, both of these teas come from the west side, with Bingdao Laozhai sandwiched between them on the north and south sides. The quality is apparent in both teas, with a strong sugary sweetness, fast huigan and a pleasant cooling sensation in the throat.

Overall, the tea from these two villages is quite similar, but with qualities that highlight the difference a few kilometers of separation can make. While both enjoy a pleasant mouthfeel and texture, the Dijie tea offers a slightly more delicate fragrance and relies on its sweet character, while the Nanpo focuses on body with a touch more roughness.

These teas are sold as a pair only, either in the form of 2 x 50g cakes or 2 x 10g samples.


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