¥€$ 2024 Bohetang Raw Puer



Made from Bohetang 1st class (薄荷塘一类) material, this tea is like seeing a masterpiece by your favourite painter up close. Prints, digital images, and replicas simply don’t do justice to the true colours and magic of each stroke.

As you’d expect, there’s not much to fault. The fragrance is layered and unfolds from brew to brew, following up with a strong huigan and cooling sensation in the throat. The texture is thick and fills the mouth, coating and clinging for dear life. Overall, this tea is extremely well balanced, with a comfortable profile. Everyone’s physiology is different and may experience the same tea differently, but we feel this tea has a particularly notable chaqi/energy.

Like that masterpiece painting, this is a tea you need to take your time and sit with between brews. Even if you think you’re done drinking, just wait. The tea will let you know when it’s finished with you.

For seasoned drinkers who already enjoy Yiwu region teas and want a remarkable experience, then this about as good as it gets. If you’re newer to puer or are unsure if your taste in puer aligns with ours, then we highly recommend picking up our Year of the Dragon, Long Live and/or Higher Ground. These Yiwu teas cover the most noticeable jumps in terms of tree age and price, and make for a great learning opportunity (not to mention are great teas in their own rights).

Although we bought out the only remaining maocha, this tea was primarily pressed for our personal collection, so availability is limited and samples are non-existent.

Region: Bohetang, Yiwu, Xishuangbanna Prefecture
Picking Period: April 4-9

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