Month in Pictures (November ’16)

An action shot from the Fenghuang tea mountains.

A small assortment of Chaozhou clay teapots.

Chairman inspecting the pour of our 3 wishes Jianshui teapot.

Chewie inspecting the pours on several of our mini white Jianshui teapots (Chairman had the day off).

The smallest functional teapots ever? Perhaps. These Chaozhou clay teapots have removable lids and holds several drops of water. They’re not necessarily practical for brewing, but they make a cute addition on the tea table.

Brewing with our “swaller” Chaozhou teapot, while a cat yet again decides to insert himself into the photo.

Many of our nights are spent packing orders, so some shou puer and light reading makes for a nice change of pace.

Even more small teaware, this time in the form of a tea set.

This is a bare bones example of a typical Chaozhou tea set. Every house and store has one of these somewhere in sight. Each set (usually) consists of a small tray with reservoir, small gaiwan (~50-60ml), 3 small cups (which represent the character 品, as in “品茶/drink tea”) and some tongs for handling the cups.

Our Drum Chaozhou clay teapots have proved to be one of the most popular teapots we have. Their extra large lid opening makes it easy to fit any tea inside, while the price is on the affordable side.

This is one of 3 customs designed panda teapots we had made by a studio in Jianshui. These are the only panda teapots we’ve seen to date.

You’ve got to protect your teaware! Each of these teaware bags is custom made from vintage fabrics, just for us. The sides are well padded, with the larges size accomodating a brewing vessel and up to 4 cups in the smaller inner pockets.

This was another teapot we had custom made in Jianshui, however, this is for personal use only. I don’t think Disney would be happy with us selling these.

This is probably one of the authentic behind the scenes shots inside the Bitterleaf house. Tea and Photoshopping go together as well as anything else you can imagine.

Amidst our big 1 year sale, we decided to take the party outside. It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed us by, and we thank everyone who has supported us!

Our Twister wood fired teapot, – one of the few teapots left after the weekend's promotions. #tea

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One of our wood fired de hua clay teapots.

For the teaware obsessed, there’s now teapot stickers of our own design. Each teapot is overlaid with a classic Chinese pattern.

Moody lighting on one of our mini Jianshui teapots and a new wood fired frog teapet.

Pomelos might be one of the most delicious fruits, although freshness is key. We’re lucky to have access to great pomelos grown in Xishuangbanna and Thailand. Always a great snack with tea.

Our Iris teacups are one of our most popular. The thing with restocking teaware is that glazes and results can change from batch to another – in this case it was for the best!

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