Month in Pictures (December ’16)

Although it’s unlikely we’d sell it, we still love a bowl of matcha first thing in the morning.

Enjoying some of what would become our Whatever 95 aged shou puer. It takes a lot for a shou to impress us, but this one managed to easily do so.

Wood fired still life.

After tasting tea flowers from Jingmai and Lincang, Jingmai won out this year and became our 2016 Fair Lady Tea Tree Flower cake. This cake includes a very small amount of tea blended into it for just the right amount of added flavour.

This was one of our custom order Jianshui teapots, based off of a drawing by our nephew. We could be happier with the result!

Tea meowster Chewie watching over one of our Chaozhou clay duo zhi teapots.

Another one of our Chaozhou clay teapots. Many of our sub 100ml teapots like this one have already been sold out.

A preview of one of our Artist Series pieces. These cups are exceptionally unique, featuring hand painted scenes and subjects on wood fired teaware from Jingdezhen.

This was one that didn’t make it to our Artist Series release, as it was purchased ahead of time by a lucky, yet very deserving customer.

A taste of what would become our Whatever 98 – a smooth and energetic aged tea!

Our spare puer paper is available for purchase in packs of 5 for both 200-250 and 357-400g cakes. Each wrapped provides ample space to add details about the tea so that you don’t end up staring at the wrapper wondering what the hell it is.

More Chaozhou clay in all its glory, this time a beautiful shaped “lingyan” teapot.

Taking advantage of the natural light, new glass teaware and our Goldrush Yunnan Yellow tea. This is one of the only yellow teas you’ll find that produced in Yunnan using Jinggu big leaf material, typically used for puer. The result is a smooth and delicately sweet tea that can last several infusions.

All 3 of our Panda teapot family. These teapots were a custom design that we submitted for engraving by one of the studios we work with in Jianshui.

Another of our Jingdezheng Artist Series teacups.

Our Chaozhou clay bianhu teapot meets one of our slow sipper snails…

Dark & Stormy gaiwan and pot support. Arrives Jan '17. #tea

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A preview of our one of a kind Dark and Stormy gaiwan and Moon Mist hu cheng/pot support.

Merry Xmas from the Bitterleaf Family! Yes, we made our Christmas trea out of tea…

You know what goes well with puer stuffed mandarins? Mandarins.

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Mandarin overload…

Taking a mandatory #tea break with some sheng puer at the hotel after a long day on our feet in Bangkok.

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Enjoying a tea break while escaping the heat of the day in Bangkok.

We happened to take this picture to time with seeing Star Wars Rogue One, but instead received the sad news about Carrier Fisher… 🙁

There be gold in them there cups. Actually, it's Yunnan yellow #tea… just as good though.

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More yellow tea & sunshine.

Another hand painted teacup – horse and horseman. #tea

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Another of our Artist Series wood fired teacups, this time a finely painted horseman.

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