Week in Pictures (June 5 – 11)

A preview of one of our blue ceramic horse tea pets. These piece are leftover stock from from the 70s and 80s from Jing De Zhen. There are 8 poses in total, with some being very difficult to find.

One of our 8 new “Orbit” hand made clay cups available. Each one features a unique glaze.

Our dew gong dao bei in action. You can hold it like any other gong dao bei, or use this supercool alternate method.

This gong dao bei makes it easy to photograph the drops in mid air. Not every pitcher cuts this well. Also, those plums were picked from a tree just outside our house – so sweet and refreshing. Kunming is not only a fantastic place for tea, but fresh fruit as well.

Happy Dragon Boat festival! We stuffed ourselves with rice dumplings and the only thing that felt right to drink was some ripe puer.

Another one-of-a-kind piece that we will be selling, we’re just not sure when.

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