Week in Pictures (May 28 – June 4)

This post is a little more than a week in pictures, we know. We’ve been busy trying to prepare new teaware though, as evidenced by the pictures.

The first of our pictures during this teaware-heavy week or so was our new Red Rust Gaiwan. It’s almost identical to our Black and Bronze Gaiwan, but red. Neat!

If you’re going to do something, do it all the way, right? That was our thinking when we planned this photo. We had fresh organic blueberries, some of our Dragon Blood Zijuan Purple tea and a beautiful Jilan Blue Gaiwan on hand, so there was only one thing left to do – take a picture on it while we binge on antioxidants.

Snow White and the 7 cups. #teacup #teaware #tea #茶 #차 #trà #ชา #té #thee #tee #thé #teh #чай #čaj

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Originally called Snow White and the 7, these cups will soon make an appearance under a revised name. Each cup is hand formed by a local sculpture artist in Kunming who has turned his passion toward pottery. These are all one of a kind, with some featuring a glaze that will crackle with use.

We recently made an impromptu trip to Vietnam, just 6.5 hours south of Kunming by train, hitting Jianshui on the way back. One of the nice things was lots of iced, unsweetened Jasmine tea served on the roadside in Hanoi. This inspired us to make our own back at home (using our Pearl Buds Jasmine Green, of course!).

Some of our favourite pets, tea or otherwise. Chewie seemed a little caught off guard while brewing his post-yoga tea though.

We really like this “Dew” gong dao bei. Glass teaware comes in a range of prices and quality though. This is a more mid-level piece – not cheap, but also not the most expensive glassware you can get. The glass is quite clear though, and can be used with a unique pouring method, which we like.

This picture was coincidentally satisfying, seeing as our teaware model just painted her nails a complementary blue that day.

Goodbyes are always so sad. This Hive teapot was one of our favourites, with a unique honeycomb and bee engraving on the side, but we know this is on its way to a good home though.

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