Week In Pictures (July 10 – 17)

More one-of-a-kindedness with our “Ink” gaiwans and cups. Each one features a different splash pattern.

Some dual-pour action with both of our Gold Coin wood fired pots. It’s possible we may have more on the way…

This week’s mandatory tea-meowster picture. Originally this was a cat free composition, but he insisted on becoming a fixture. Typically he is content just being in the room and watching from a distance, but in this case he came right up

The tea is a ’16 favourite, our Secret Garden raw puer. It was interesting to compare the mao cha to the pressed cake even just a little after months later. The differences weren’t enormous, but noticeable. Some farmers and tea producers believe that mao cha shouldn’t be kept loose for too long, as it allows for the fragrance to “float” out of the tea. Whether or not this is true is debatable, but worth testing.

Tea and classic Beastie Boys. ‘Nuff said.

Return of the cold brew experiment. Our Jasmine round turned out quite well. The only drawback is that this device takes quite a while, although the recent warm and humid Kunming weather helped speed things up a little.

Considering China is technically a 3rd world country, we don’t endure an excessive amount of power outages in Kunming. That’s not to say they don’t happen though, and when they do, it seems to be at very inconvenient times. With that said, we made the most of it, thanks to our gas stove, and continued brewing some of our 2007 Dear Comrade raw puer by candle light. In the end this “inconvenience” was transformed into a nice step back from some of the hectic connected-ness of modern life… which ironically then came around full circle to become our social media fodder for the day.

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