Weeks In Pictures (October 10 – 31)

We've restocked our Ink teacups. They're a little smaller this time around and a perfect size for gongfu #tea.

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Ink teacups, now smaller!

Side by side by side testing of our Black Magic Cha Gao. Each of these 3 grades are processed in the exact same way, the only difference is the quality of material used when making them.

On of our Sunset wood fired Jianshui teapots behind the scenes.

Chairman likes to pretend he knows what he’s looking at when inspecting spent leaves.

Doing some homework by tasting through samples of Dancong Oolong #tea before heading to Chao Zhou in a week or so.

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We decided to compare some Dancong samples that were sent to us against other samples. While it’s nice that farmers and vendors will (sometimes agressively) offer to send free samples, these particular ones fell quite short.

Jianshui is no just known for clay – their pomegranates are quite good too, not to mentioned their other food. Aside from tea, access to delicious, fresh fruit year round is another one of the perks of living in Yunnan.

Aquatic themed teapots = fun photographs.

Breaking up 100 x 15g samples means you end up with a lot of tea dust that can’t really be used for more samples. Looks like we’ll have plenty of Alter Ego and Straight No Chaser to drink for a while.

A repost? No, just a reprint of one of our favorite photos of #tea meowster Chairman being zen AF.

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We made tea posters and tea stickers.

Teapots of all shapes and sizes ready to do battle.

A more recent addition to our catalog, Crab Legs are a parasitic plant that can be found on tea trees in Jing Mai. This plant is often used in Traditional Chinese Medeicine, but also has a pleasant taste and is a nice alternative to tea.

A last minute halloween family-photo

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