Week In Pictures (September 12 – 18)

We spent this week travelling, but that didn’t mean we didn’t have time for tea or photos.

Travelling with teaware used to be a bit of a pain, but we had a flawless journey by using these travel pouches. There are various sizes and layouts, but they are well padded. Some have additional side pockets for cups, allowing you to fit you gaiwan or teapot in the middle. We couldn’t have been happier with these, so much so that we have already put in an order for our own to sell. They absolutely proved themselves after a 2 week trial!

Combining one of our favourite things from home (tea) and one of our favourite things abroad (curry puffs).

Just enjoying some fresh Mang Fei raw puer by the pond with some new koi friends.

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Some tea ‘n koi.

This was a fun one to (try and) take. We took some of our Mad King 2006 Ban Zhang and a matcha moon cake onto the roof in honour of it being mid autumn festival. Unfortunately it was a bit difficult to incorporate the moon into the shot, so we had to get creative. This was our best attempt with a tripod and long exposure… Happy mooncake festival!

If only this could be every day…

Our Copperhead gaiwans in a line. These are some of the most stunningly unique gaiwans we’ve picked up. The strokes and patterns are excellent, making each one change epending on how it’s turned.

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