Week In Pictures (August 15 – 21)

A pot of gold, or in this case a gong dao bei of gold at the end of the rainbow in our 2016 TMBA Mang Fei raw puer. #tea

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This shot was a bit of a scramble, as we just saw the rainbow and were in the middle of something. In a pinch we just grabbed what we were drinking and did the best we could.

It was taking a while to get some of our teaware packed to take back, so we took a break to play with some Jianshui toys. We also really liked this table, but unfortunately couldn’t take that with us.

Just a simple, shi piao teapot. We opted to sell a few of these pots directly first, as opposed to listing them in our shop. This one didn’t last long!

A simple, flattened Xishi teapot.

A beautifully engraved Xishi.

The enrgaving and design was what grabbed us with this one. Not too much, just a nice touch with a deer under the moon.

This video was originally meant to be cat free in order to keep the focus on our Warrior Jianshui gaiwan, but Chewie just had to insert himself into the shot and steal the attention. Who are we do send him away? He truly is a dedicated tea meowster in training.

As if a cat + tea isn’t cute enough, we snapped this shot of a friend’s 3 year old daughter handling a teapot (filled with cold water, not tea!). There’s a few dribbles, but we’re sure she’ll get the hang of it!

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