Week In Pictures (September 26 – October 2)

Enjoying some poolside #tea just one last time before heading home.

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Embracing the good life, with a flower behind the ear and all.

A rainy afternoon in Ubud made for a nice setting to drink tea in. Here we are showing off our new Coral teacups and Ivory Drip Gaiwan.

New teaware up in the shop, including cups, Jianshui teajars and these beauties. #tea

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2 Moonface teacups bearing news of new teaware added to the shop.

The joys of hand made teaware – no two are exactly the same. #tea

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Our Sakura teacups, which while a cooler tone than our gaiwan of the same name, but still a nice match.

Taking our #tea to new heights and making falls of our own with some 2014 ancient tree Youle.

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Found this waterfall and decided to make a teafall of our own with 2014 ancient tree You Le.

Some souvenirs from Ubud. We wanted more teacups, but these were the only 2 available, unfortunately.

We were holding onto this fish engraved Jianshui zitao teapot for a little while before posting a picture of it… it didn’t take long for it to find a new home!

Another angle of the fish teapot. Fish symbolize a surplus of wealth due to their similar pronunciation to surplus/spare (余).

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