Week In Pictures (August 22 – 28)


These pink gaiwans have been incredibly popular. Originally offered for private/direct sale only, we have since been able to acquire a few more and added them for anyone to pick up. As mentioned above, this tone of pink is a popular colour in Chinese teaware this year, thanks to it being year of the monkey. Aside from that, the colour, shape and size make it a perfect vessel for individual sessions.


Just a montage of new wood fired teapots we picked up. It’s hard to not grab some of these when each one is different from the others. These wood fired pots from De Hua and our Jianshui teaware have definitely become favourites.


One of our new snail tea pets, just trying to get a meal.


Had a relaxing day inside with some Anji bai cha and Master Lapin in his mini zen garden today. #tea

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Showcasing another new teapet.


2 of our newest glazed teacups. Tread water (or #tea) in one, get lost in the eyes of the other.

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Some shameless promotion for our Iris and Deep Water teacups.

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