Week In Pictures (September 5 – 11)

While we tend to prefer something in the 150ml zone for our own purposes, this 90ml white Jianshui zitao teapot is perfect for solo sessions. The colour and shape are just perfect. We’ve put in an order for more, don’t worry.

This may look strange, but there’s a reason behind it, we swear. It’s a sort of Chinese medicine conconction, consisting of the peel from a ripe puer stuffed mandarin, aged white tea, dates and pear – all of which have healing properties according to TCM.

A few of our recent acquisitions from Jianshui. There’s a shape and size for any tea and any session.

One of our white zitao teapots. These colour teapots are quite popular, but a little less common.

Another one of our new white Jianshui zitao teapots. This dragon egg doesn’t feel a drop bigger than 110ml when it’s held in bigger hands.

Just some ridiculously good looking wood fired teaware striking a pose.

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