Week in Pictures (May 2 – 11)

Trying something new, this is a summary of all, or at least most of, our social media pictures from week to week. Some pictures are adequately already summed up by short descriptions, but others have more going on than the picture or summary conveys.

A nice ball of Bulang raw puer waiting to be brewed up using our Jilan Blue gaiwan and Bone White gong dao bei.

We’ll be releasing this Bulang any day now. Although we came across and pressed it in Spring, it’s fall material, which makes it a very affordable ancient tree sheng. After pressing, we were short of a full cake, so we improvised and made ourselves a Bulang ball. We actually really like this shape, but like the tuo shape, the leaves break quite a bit after prying them off the ball.

A preview of our new Year of the Monkey Lincang. This Mengku raw puer features artwork by Kelly Puissegur, which we think iss pretty rad. You should check out more of her work here.

Pretty self-explanatory. May the 4th be with you.

Just showing off some of our teaware, which you can see here. This is our Ling Long (or often called rice pattern) gaiwan and cups. Originally destined for the foreign market, these pieces are 80’s deadstock from Jing De Zhen. Our Red Rust gong dao bei is also in there.

Product picture time for some of our new spring teas. Learned that 5 out of 6 teas agree, gushu or go home.

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The aftermath of doing product pictures for our new spring teas. Each product picture has a short of the soup and spent leaves, and there’s only one way to do that. No faster way to get a heavy caffeine buzz than to drink the first 4 or 5 infusions of 6 new raw puers in succession.

Just making a subtle suggestion to try our Giant White Yue Guang Bai. Also, that pineapple looks too good not to be in a picture. This time of the year you can find them cut like this on most busy street corners in Kunming.

I think this speaks for itself – happy Mothers Day! (Featuring our Wasabi pot and cups)

Going to the source for some inspiration while preparing to put our new Bulang online.

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More of our soon-to-be-released Bulang, along with one of our favourite new gaiwans.

Just some of our favourite teaware, doing what it does best. . .

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Deja vu.

Back to back, side by side tasting of 2 fresh raw puers. . .

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We may have chosen our new puers for 2016, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep tasting samples that ar sent to us. You never know what you’ll come across. These were 2 Lincang samples we received from a good friend. Both came from the same region, with the main difference being who processed them. Naturally they tasted quite similar, but the processing still makes a big difference, and can be quite surprising sometimes. It only made sense to use teaware that was also similar, both of which you can see more of here and here.

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