Week In Pictures (July 18 – 24)

The scene after a nice afternoon of tea drinking. Tea included a rou gui brought by a friend, this one, this one (soon) and this one.


Two of our favorite Yunnan crops: Lychees and Yue Guang Bai white #tea.

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Lychees and tea, an excellent combination!


Pouring some of our Straight No Chaser Bulang raw puer through a brand spanking new #tea strainer.

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A “Blueberry Stain” tea strainer that we just couldn’t help but pick up. This one’s being broken in with some Straight No Chaser 2015 Fall Bulang.

Mao cha mayhem, from left to right: Secret Garden, Da Qi Shu, Bai Hua Tan, WMD Mansa.

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Another whodunnit tea lineup. Was it the Secret Garden, one of the leftover mao cha samples or the WMD?


The mighty Chewbacca is also a mighty tea master.


We decided to rotate the storage of our 7542 cakes, and just couldn’t help but break into it ourselves.

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