Week In Pictures (June 12 – 18)

The remnants of a full Yunnan sampler we enjoyed with some out of towners. Was a nice little tasting, including raw puer, moonlight white, and some ancient tree black tea.

It’s no secret we love our cats at Bitterleaf. Chewie knows how to be the perfect teapet/companion on a rainy day.

Some of our finest tea in some of our finest teaware. Our WMD is a full, rich Yiwu region tea ( Mansa). Despite not having a high amount of bitterness (common of the region), the complexity and depth indicates this should be an excellent tea for aging. Meanwhile this gaiwan was a new find that we fell in love. It is silver glazed on the inside, and a beautiful red ceramic on the outside.

This will unfortunately be one of the last pots we carry from our favourite Jianshui artist. She recently married and will be moving out of province. Most of our pots, as well as some cups and accessories were made by her. Jianshui suffers from a lack of talented artists, who tend to get pulled further east to work on Yixing teaware. We’re extremely picky when it comes to decorated and adorned teaware. Anything ordinary or too common just doesn’t do it for us. She was a rare find though, with exceptional engraving skills and tasteful designs. Even though some designs were based on classic themes and traditional designs, she pulled them off with modern refinement. This Buddha engraved 210ml pot will be our last memory of her!

Playing with a new toy for the tea table. Of course Chairman couldn’t hide his curiosity.

Jianshui zitao cups, made by the above mentioned artist.

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